What International Press is writing about the Portuguese Golden Visa



Edmund Zhao’s was one of the Golden Visa investors interviewed for the Financial Times. His office’s window has a great view over the blue ocean surrounded by paltrees. This takes place in Estoril, a beach resort near by Lisbon. Edmund is thousands of miles away from his hometown – Hangzhou – where he first started his real estate agency.

In this interview to the Financial Times Mr. Zhao explained that he worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 day a year, while living in China.

Now he’s one of the thousands Chinese Investors that came to Portugal seeking a better lifestyle. He owns a real estate consulting agency and is having the deserved rest in a quite and peaceful country.

What he had to do? Flying to Portugal and invest 500.000€ in a property.

Learn here step by step how to apply to the Portuguese Golden Visa

In addition, he and his family can now visit every country in the 26 country that belong to the Schengen Area without having to worry with visas!

The sea, the sky, the air and the people are just a few of the things Portugal has that made him decide to come and live here.

Furthermore, he liked Portugal so much that the company he started is focused to advise his countryman to follow his steps and moving to this amazing country!

In this article Charles Roberts – from Fine & Country Portugal, company that has already sold about 100 properties under the Golden Visa Scheme – was also interviewed: “The market for investor residence permits consists essentially of wealthy people living in countries they feel to be politically, economically or religiously unstable,”.

Read here the full Financial Times article about the Portuguese Golden Visa.

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