Not Stop Growth of Golden Visa Portugal | NEWS

Público, one of the most read newspapers in Portugal, wrote a big article about the growth of Golden Visa Properties sold in our country. So far, 787 full authorizations to the Schengen Area have been given to foreign citizens, through the Golden Visa Scheme.

This has been a “big oxygen balloon” for the industry, with 472 million euros worth of properties sold so far, and the predictions are to rise this number to 1.000 million this year.

Number of Golden Visas Given in Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

The Golden Visa is an unique opportunity for residents outside the European Union to gain their free access to all these countries that where before inaccessible to them.

Furthermore, the way they gain that access is through an investment in a market that is rising from the ashes, having the opportunity to also profit a lot just by acquiring their key to Europe.

Other benefits like the weather, children education, healthcare system, among other, give an extra incentive for Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Angolan, and citizens from 27 other countries in the world so far come to live in Portugal using the Golden Visa Scheme.

We remember that in order to obtain your Golden Visa in Portugal you just need to invest 500.000€ in a Property.

Know here everything you need to get you Portuguese Golden Visa.

Search here for Properties in Portugal.

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