Golden Visa Store is a Media Success | NEWS


The store is under a month old, but many people has already have been there to know everything they need about the Golden Visa Scheme.

This is the first Real Estate store in Portugal, and was created to support the high demand of this new Property market for people who want to live in a sunny country and get European Citizenship.

90% of Fine & Country Portugal clients are already using the Golden Visa Scheme to obtain their residency permit to live in the Schengen Area.

In the interview to one of Portugal’s best Radio Stations – Rádio RenascençaNuno Durão (Fine & Country’s managing partner) told them that most Golden Visa Clients plan to stay and live in Portugal, besides that fact that they only have to be here 7 days a year (first year – 14 days in the following years). “When they see the clear sky, the sea, the tranquility of Portugal, immediately begin to rethink: “Maybe, I bring my son to study in an international school, and maybe I’m thinking to move here to live” he told.

Nuno, also believes that the growth of Golden Visa properties sold is good not only to the Real Estate Market, but also in a larger scale to the Portuguese Economy.

If you are already in Portugal trying to get your Golden Residency Permit, go to the Golden Visa Store at Chiado:

If you are still in your country, you can contact Fine & Country Portugal here:

Rua Melo E Sousa, 9C, Apartado 149
2766-902 ESTORIL
Telephone:  +351 214 643 636
Fax:  +351 214 680 245



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